Shop Direct from Your ERP

Integrate your own ERP to make shopping online with Yes Medical a breeze. Browse your contract items and pricing and enjoy the same detailed product information, all through your existing procurement software.

A PunchOut catalogue is an efficient method for you to buy from Yes Medical's website from within your own procurement application or hosted E Procurement system. PunchOut electronic catalogues allow you to control spend and manage purchasing approvals and workflows whilst providing you with the most up to date and accurate product information.

An online PunchOut catalogue has the special ability to communicate directly with a procurement system through cXML or Open Catalog Interface (OCI) and return a pending purchase order back to you! That means don't need to re-enter product information into your procurement system.

When using PunchOut, the following steps take place:
  1. Punch out of your ERP system to enter the YES website
  2. Choose the relevant products which display your pricing, imagery and item details
  3. The cart is sent back into your ERP system and a purchase requisition is raised
  4. The requisition is approved following your approval flows and the purchase order is raised
  5. The purchase order is then sent through to Yes Medical

Yes Medical has years of experience implementing PunchOut catalogues into all major E Procurement Softwares such as SAP, Oracle, GEP, Ariba and Coupa, so the team is on hand to help you set up, test and launch in no time.

With a PunchOut system, you’ve got all of the perks of shopping online Yes Medical all through your existing procurement software:

  • Search and browse the Yes Medical product catalogue.
  • Search by UNSPSC code, if required.
  • View your product range, with product information and imagery.
  • See your contract pricing on products.
  • Purchase your customer-specific products, such as company-branded work shirts.
  • Use requisition lists and previously saved carts to quickly fill your cart and reorder – with the ability to save multiple requisition lists.